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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess

Raising A Young Modern Day Princess by Doreen Hanna and Karen Whiting

Have you ever read a book that actually makes you feel worse about yourself and what you have done as a parent then when you began? I am a failure for my daughter, but it isn't too late.
I loved this book,  it made me stop and think of all the things I have not done for my daughter. I've tried to be a good mom and raise my daughter to love Christ and be the best daughter of God that she can be.  I'm obviously lacking....
This book is comprised of ten chapters that talk about the Fruits of the Spirit and how to instill them in your young daughter. Topics are faithfulness, peace, Joy, goodness, gentleness, kindness, patience, and love. You start out by finding you daughters personality type, my daughter is social butterfly/ leader (she actually tied, didn't think that was possible with only few questions asked) She is the only girl in the family.
I love the set up of the book. each chapter focuses on an aspect of mother,  a Princess attribute, and a  Fruit of the Spirit. The authors share stories from their life, talk to the dads and what they can do for their daughters. give mothers ideas for activities to do with the daughters. Activities are listed  that meet every personality type of our girls.
This book is Christian based with activities ranging from singing praises to the Lord to crafts and just having a good uplifting time together.  All along to your daughter how to act like a daughter of God. If you are not christian but still want to instill good character into your daughter you can still use the ideas in the book.
I need to go and get the book Raising a Modern-day Princess,  geared towards older girls. I would like to compare how the two are similar and different.

I received this book free from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Five Seasons in The Kitchen: Zen Inspired Vegan Cooking

Five Seasons in The Kitchen: Zen Inspired Vegan Cooking Five Seasons in The Kitchen: Zen Inspired Vegan Cooking by Avital Sebbag

This is a great book for anyone wanting or needing help with making food that is Vegan and good tasting food. I found the background information was helpful with learning about Zen lifestyles. Each section is set up to go with the growing and harvest seasons of food. You will be using food when they are in season, and cheaper at markets. Most recipes have pictures to go with them and the most ingredients are ones I can find at most stores I shop at anyway. I still have to make any of the recipes for my family but some of the recipes are on the meal calendar. My plan is to work healthier meals into the family diets. Colorful and easy to read. Can't wait to try the meals.

You can find this #FiveSeasonsinTheKitchen e-book on Amazon Here (I am NOT compensated from any purchases made through this link)

I received this book at a deep discount from Ebookpro in exchange for my honest review.

Review: If You Were Me and Lived In...the Middle Ages

If You Were Me and Lived In...the Middle Ages If You Were Me and Lived In...the Middle Ages by Carole P. Roman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was very excited about receiving this book. Which I received free from Cheshire Inc. for my honest review.

I have been looking for fun, historical books for my children to read, since I really want them to understand and learn History in a fun way this year.
This story follows a girl from the Middle Ages, and how she and her family lived day to day life. The pictures are drawn like a cartoon, but are nicely done faded colors.
My daughter loved reading about the clothing the family wears.
I like this book because though it tells a story from a land owner daughter view point, there is also detail of how peasants and upper nobles also lived.
You will also find a glossary of terms along with a page of pictures and descriptions of famous people of that time and place. These are great jumping off point to learn more about this time period.
This is a great book to give the general overview of that time period. If my children want to learn more in depth then we can then advance to more in depth history. I would recommend this to 6-9 year old children. My eight year old really enjoyed the story and learning what it would be like to be a child then. She is asking me for some more in this series.

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